Way To Go Kenyon!

Well, we did our best. Kenyon students made national and international news by standing in line to vote for up to eleven hours. It was an awesome community effort. It showed what Kenyon is really all about. Thanks to everyone who stuck it out.

While we did our best, Ohio as a whole let us down. John Kerry came up about 100,000 votes short, but it wasn't because of Gambier's precinct. Students voted 90% for Kerry, with strong support also going to Eric Fingerhut in his bid to unseat George Voinovich for U.S. Senate. While we were unsuccessful, we showed that its not as impossible as some thought.

Thanks to everyone who turned out to vote. We'll get'em next time. In the meantime, start fighting for 2006. It's never too early! Remember, Ohio's other senator, Republican Mike DeWine will be up for reelection....


Preparing for the General Election!

Now that John Kerry has wrapped up the Democratic nomination, it is time for Democrats across the country to come together to support him so we can beat George W. Bush this November and take America back. You can do your part to help John Kerry succeed. Here are a few ways:

- Order Kerry Gear so you can show everyone that you support a winner. They have shirts, hats, stickers, signs, jackets, bumper stickers and much more. Show your support on your car, in your dorm room or in the community. The best way to turn apathetic citizens into energized voters is to raise awareness and encourage people to pay attention to the differences between the two candidates. Once they do, the choice will be obvious.

- If you haven't done so already, register to vote. It's great to be excited about a candidate, but if you can't vote it won't do anyone any good. Especially for those of us who live in Ohio: get registered. Ohio will be a decisive state in this election and Democrats will need all the supporters they can muster. Make sure you are a part of that effort.

- Encourage those around you to take a look at candidates for state and local offices as well. Sometimes it is these races that will really get people to the polls. Ohio has a senate race this election cycle and Eric Fingerhut will be challenging incumbent Republican George Voinovich. He will need solid support to unseat Voinovich and you can be a part of that support by encouraging friends and neighbors to take a look at the Democratic challenger.

The stakes have rarely been higher than they are in 2004. Democratic candidates will need your support in order to win back the White House and to retake the Senate. Do what you can. America is counting on you!


Get Involved!

This fall is the time to get the word out about the Democratic candidates for President. In order to beat George W. Bush and to return America to the path of prosperity, we need you to turn your support into action. Here's how:

- Contact the campaign(s) that you support and get newsletters and email updates about their campaign events and their positions so you can become a voice of the Democratic agenda.

- Ask around and make sure that everyone you know is registered to vote. We can't win if we don't vote! Encourage your friends, relatives, fellow students, professors, and anyone else you run into to register and then cast their vote for a winner on election day.

- Tell your friends and family about George W. Bush's horrendous record as president. Tell them about the three million jobs that have been lost as a result of Bush's economic policies. Tell them about the environmental destruction that has taken place as a result of Bush's friendly relations with big logging companies and large polluters. Tell them about the Bush administration's record of exaggerations and outright lies. Ask them if they really want someone like that running their America.

- Most importantly, be active. Your support for the candidates is a given, but to make a difference you need to persuade others. Grassroots campaigning is the best way to success. Do your part!



Domestic Security

We believe that the attacks of September 11 fundamentally changed the nature of security in America. We believe that the Department of Homeland Security requires adequate funding in order to protect the citizens of America and the freedom that makes our nation great. The safety of the American people should be the first concern of government. We believe that the security of the United States requires a strong response to the threats that challenge liberty.

Health Care

We believe that every American has the right to affordable medical care in time of need. We believe that the well-being of America depends on good health coverage for all. We believe that it is the responsibility of government to ensure that all Americans are provided with health care, the most crucial of human necessities.


We believe that every child is entitled to quality education. We believe that public schools should be provided with the funding necessary to give each and every child a safe, invigorating, and stimulating place to learn. We believe that all children have a right to an equal quality of education, no matter their socio-economic condition. America is a place of equal opportunity, and each child should have the chance to succeed on an equal footing with his or her neighbor.

Foreign Policy

We believe in the strength of the United States and the continued munificence that can define our interaction with other nations and peoples. We believe that every citizen of the world has a right to representative government, basic human rights, and freedom of speech, religion and assembly. While we do not foresee the benevolent influence of the United States ever declining, we recognize the necessity of alliances in order to ensure a peaceful world, safe for democracy and for all those who seek the prosperity that accompanies freedom.


We believe the United States must take meaningful steps towards energy independence. As developing economies grow they will require huge quantities of oil and other sources of energy. China alone increased its imports of oil by 30% in 2003. The United States can not let its foreign policy be hamstrung by its dependency on Middle Eastern oil. We believe the United States should make a substantial effort towards new sources of energy, including solar, electric and wind power. Cleaner sources of energy will provide for a better environment and a more effective foreign policy.


We believe in a woman's right to choose. A woman's body should be at the discretion of her own will. While we believe that abortion should be rare and should be decided upon under prudent and careful thought, we believe that it is a practice that should be legal and, above all, safe.

Gay and Lesbian Rights

We believe this shouldn't even be an issue - that such a basic human characteristic, sexual orientation, shouldn't be judged any differently. Unfortunately we still live in a world that often views this form of discrimination as socially acceptable. We believe this is wrong and that gay and lesbian individuals deserve all the same civil rights as heterosexuals. We support state mandates for civil unions, with the hope that marriage is soon to follow.

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